Kindergarten Information


Ø  We eat at 11:00 each day.  Please stop at the office and visit with Mary Vetch if you wish to join us for lunch or call the office by 9:00 so the kitchen has an accurate lunch count.  Students are allowed to bring snacks to eat during the day.  I have two breaks each day for milk and one for snack.  Kindergarten students only have the option of white milk during break.  Do not send snacks that require a prep time (for example …an orange still in the peeling).  Something quick, easy and not messy is best.  Water bottles are allowed in the classroom and a good idea especially when it is very hot out! 

T.I.G.E.R. Notebook

Ø  The TIGER Notebook is a three-ring binder that your child will use every day to develop organizational skills and to learn to accept responsibility.  It is important to teach children how to keep up with homework, tests and important notes. This notebook is a way of maintaining effective communication between home and school. It aims to eliminate wrinkled or lost papers, as well as keep parents and students informed of important events and academic progress.  Check out your child’s TIGER Notebook everyday! Be sure to empty the “Left at Home” folder to prepare for the next day of school.  The notebook needs to be returned to school EVERY DAY!

Homework Folder

Ø  Inside your child’s TIGER notebook you will find a homework folder.  This folder will be filled on Monday (or the first day of the week) and taken out on Friday.  This folder will contain items, games, worksheets, books that you can use to assist your child with learning.  They will be skills that reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.  For the items completed your child will be able to log their progress.  It is also very important to read to your child as often as possible.  It is suggested to read for 20 minutes each night.  Whenever you can fit in a story that is great! 


Book Orders

Ø  I will be sending Scholastic book orders home with your child about every month.  This is an OPTIONAL opportunity for you to purchase books for your child.  The flyers often have inexpensive books you can purchase to add to your collection of books at home.  Each time a book is purchased the classroom earns points.  Those points can then be used to purchase books for the classroom.

Extra Gear

Ø  It is also important for students to have outside shoes or boots when it is muddy/snowy.  The weather can change often and we never know when recess will be inside or outside.  It is important to be prepared! 

Parent Volunteer

Ø  Throughout the year times come up when a parent volunteer is needed.  If you are interested in assisting please fill out the Parent Volunteer sheet.   If you are interested in getting a Parent Volunteer Sheet please let me know.  If you are knowledgeable or know someone knowledgeable about a subject we are working on let me know!  Guest speakers are always a great asset to the regular curriculum being taught!

Wikki Space

Ø  You will notice on my webpage a link for something called a Wikki.  A Wikki Space is like a blog.  I will be using this to document our “happenings” in kindergarten.  Often times a child at this age when asked what they did or learned at school will respond with “nothing.”  This will help parents have a conversation with their child about what he/she is learning.  Be checking the Wikki for news, photos, and projects. 

Email/Text Message

Ø  Email has become a very handy tool to use in the classroom.  I use email to communicate to parents.  Email is not used for parent/teacher conferences or as an outlet for criticism.  I prefer to use face-to-face conversations rather than an impersonal e-mail message to discuss issues about your child’s progress in class. If you have an issue that needs to be discussed please contact me by phone or set up a conference time in person.  Please do not send me a text message on my cell phone regarding your child throughout the school day.  This is not the best way to communicate with me and I cannot guarantee I will see the message before the end of the school day.  It is best to call the classroom telephone and leave a message.

I am very excited to have your child as a student in kindergarten.  I have great expectations for the year!  Let’s have a great year!